AkBody® a Compressive Micro-Vibration
The AkBody® is a computerized vibrating device that allows the performance of the Endosphères® Therapy treatment, the machine is controlled by a sophisticated computer that manages a mobile joystick made of 55 spheres, all this redefines the medical and aesthetical approach.

Pulsating action:
The rotation of the roller allows the spheres, thanks to their particular beehive position, to work on the skin with a “pulsating” sequence.

The action is divided in four sequences:

1) The sphere action affects on the lymphatic system and has the purpose to eliminate liquids and wastes in excess.

2) The sphere action determines a mechanical oscillation on the skin at a low frequency (from 40 to 240 Hz) this action allows a fragmentation of the fat tissue, and redefines the silhouette.

3) The vibration acts on the micro-circulation, and thanks to the mechanical oscillation, it reactivates blood circulation in the localized areas.

4) The same action allows recovery of the tissue, under-tissue and muscle tone.

AkBody, history, main operations.
The project originates and evolves in Italy, thanks also to the cooperation of rcb of Italy inc and the Idroroller engineering labs.
After a 10 year study, a revolutionary machine is born and turns around all methods up till now used in the rehab and aesthetical medicine.

A sophisticated electronic machine controls the joystick’s functions, this is where the cylinder devise is installed.

The therapist can work with 9 programs, the therapies are adapted to each patients depending on their needs.
The “S” series is provided with a “joystick”, that allows an easy management of the applications. The display is fundamental for the operator, its indicates the parameters necessary for a clear and intuitive process.

The’AkBody® is provided with a “S.R.C.” device that allows to spread the product (oil or gel) on the skin. The active principles contained in the product, also help improve the blood circulation.

The AkBody® is an advanced technological instrument that has become essential to the aesthetical and rehab pros.

AkBody: A precious device that gives concrete results
AkBody® including its joystick are a fenix group® copyright, a worlwide trademark. its rolling cylinder allows to perform treatments in various fields: health, wellness, aesthetics, rehab, sports…