AkFace® the anti-wrinkle micro-vibration compressive machine.
AkFace® a Micro-vibration Compressive® Endosphères Thèrapy, redefines the medical and aesthetical approach not only in the cure of cellulite and lymphatic glands but also in the face treatment where it produces a similar effect as botox injections.

AkFace® treats the skin ageing with 60 rotating silicon spheres that scroll along the face, the Compressive Microvibration® rotation originates an energy that increases tissue’s oxygen and nutrition.
Such Energy increases the skins temperature in a non invasive way, it stimulates and improves the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin.

The new physiotherapy technique, determines a physiological relaxation of the muscle contractions, similar to the ones produced by botox, it stretches and partially fills wrinkles.

The high frequency rotating microspheres create a continuous and repetitive stimulation on the muscle receptors, reduces facial expression wrinkles and stimulates blood circulation.

The AKFace®, Compressive Micro-vibration Endosphèeres Therapy‘s Principle
The wide experience in the use of the Microvibration Compressive® Endosphères Thèrapy in cellulite, has made people note that the new method makes the skins temperature increase with a consequent regeneration of the collagen and new tissue.

The use of the machine in sports medicine, above all for muscle contractures and the regeneration of damaged muscle tissue, have made some bioengineering researchers in Abruzzo come across the revolutionary method made of a little cylinder that contains 60 silicon microspheres, that rotate at 310 Hz and more creating stimulations on muscle receptors; therefore the muscle contraction reduce and regenerate muscle and tissue, allowing a visible aesthetical change, a rejuvenating and smoothing effect, and a reduction of wrinkles and ageing signs.

The increase of the skins breathing, typical of smokers and stressed people, bring an improvement to the skin and tissue nutrition, the face becomes brighter and younger.

Thanks to the cellulite experience we were also able to succeed in the wrinkle machine.

The new AkFace®, Endosphères Compressive Micro-vibration Thèrapy ® has already a year of success.
Observations were made by professor Bacci from the Medical Aesthetical Pathologies Centre of Arezzo, 40 patients, with facial and neck area problems, were treated. The results had no significant side effects, and were 100% satisfied.

The highlights were: reduction of facial expression wrinkles, an increase of the skin thickness, improvement of tissue circulation, cleanliness of the lymphatic glands, increase of muscle tissue, improvement of all tissue and facial muscle structure.

This data isn’t a miracle but is the result of a structural and nutritional improvement; a rejuvenation effect made by a non invasive aesthetical physiotherapy, that allows relaxation of the muscles, a better circulation, with a consequent improvement of the metabolic rejuvenation. The same data was given after an observation made on 36 patients in the Fenix Salon in Pescara.

The treatment is a physiotherapy treatment, therefore there is no surgery, the results improve with the constancy of the sessions and allow to obtain results longer in time, and to prevent the evolution of the ageing signs.