AkSensorALL. Anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkles device.
Results from the first session

The AkSensor® is the first device in the world that detects the tissue’s density with a sensor placed on the handle which recognizes the stages of cellulite.Therefore, AkSensor® adapts Endosphères® Therapy’s treatment to your specific needs, increasing its effectiveness.

The device has two handles, one for body treatment and another for face treatment, that smooths out wrinkles from the first session.

The 4 Synergy Actions
A revolutionary step ahead in the aesthetic and rehab medicine. It’s a particular type of Compressive® Microvibration that operates on the tissue through a cylinder made of 55 rotating spheres.

The speed variation determines the frequency (variable from 40 to 355hz). The rotation sense and pressure compress the tissue producing 4 synergy actions.The Endoshères Therapy devices distinguish for the Design, agility and for its easy transportation. Today AkSensor® together with its elegant Design and innovative technology is easy accessible to the operators.

1) Action on the vascular system
The particular “bee-hive disposition of the spheres in the cylinder, induces a pressure and lift, a kind of “vascular gymnastic” that allows an improvement of the microcirculation in the interested areas.

2) Tissue Re-compaction
Endosphères Therapy® is an innovative method that fights this blemish, even in advanced fibrosis, the method works through the “compression and vibration” by using the muscle as an active resistance, that allows the compression of the fatty areas, that once they are stressed they break up the fibrosis septa.

3) Lymphatic stasis and lymphedema
The Endospheres Therapy® produces a pulsed and rhythmic action that is induced by the direction of the rotating cylinder that works on the lymphatic system by eliminating the excess fluids, that are a feature of the lymphatic stasis. In all the treated patients the method has shown a reduction and elimination of the pain.

4) The analgesic effect
The medical history of a patient, that suffers from panniculitis, shows a typical stage of painful edematous conditions.The studies carried out on these disorders have shown that the compressive Microvibration® works on the mechanoreceptors and on the inflammation.