Studies and Research


The Endosphères Therapy® is a revolutionary step ahead in the aesthetical and rehab medicine field. Its innovative and effective in complex pathologies such as lymphoedemas and cellulite.

This method shows results after only a few sessions, and substitutes surgical therapies.

The Compressive Micro-vibration® works on the skin with a cylinder attached to a joystick made of 55 rotating spheres.

The variation of the cylinders speed determines the frequency (from 40 to 254 hz). The rotation and the pressure have a pump effect on the tissues. The right combination of these forces determine the intensity one needs to operate on each patient.

The unification of tissues thanks to the break-up of fats, the draining action, the tissue’s breathing, the repairing of the flora, the increase of skins temperature are the most effective effects that derive from the Endosphères Therapy® treatment.

The therapy has achieved great results in the main muscles treatment (dorsal, lumbar, buttocks etc.) allows a sedative sensation of the nerves.

The Endosphères Therapy® acts on the muscle a continuous and protracted tense action, allows the fibres to lengthen, making them elastic and eliminates the contraction in only a few sessions. Many researches made at the “U. G. D’Annunzio” university, the I.T.A.B. (Institute for the advanced biomedical technologies) have proven the Compressive® Microvibration Endosphères Therapy’s effectiveness among the panniculites and the secondary lymphoedema.

The Endosphères Therapy® is secure and non invasive, it does no damage to varicose veins and lymphatic ducts; the treatment has also effect on pain therapies.

The Endosphères Therapy® is fundamental during the treatment of the chronic lymph gland rehab program. Its also handy for the therapist that treats lymphatic draining.

In patients affected by chronic secondary lymphoedema, simple panniculite and knotty inflammation results were fast and exceptional.